Nachlese zur Veranstaltung: 4th International Workshop on MRI

Wann: 26. September 2016 um 8:00 bis 28. September 2016
Wo: Hörsaalzentrum der Medizinischen Universität Graz

Our mission is to provide a forum for all scientists and clinicians interested in the physics, mathematics and clinical application of susceptibility weighted imaging and QSM. Magnetic susceptibility is a major tissue property that changes with tissue composition, organ function, and disease and intervention. Based on recent breakthroughs in solving the inverse problem of reconstructing tissue susceptibility, there has been an increasing interest to study tissue magnetic property and to develop new clinical and scientific applications of SWI and QSM.



Goals of the workshop…

  • To educate students and fellows on all aspects of tissue susceptibility and its measurements
  • To provide scientists from various backgrounds and clinicians the opportunity to pool knowledge and to build connections
  • To discuss recent developments
  • To foster the development of QSM technology and the translation of QSM into clinical practice




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