Informatikkolloquium der TU Graz: Mike Davies

Informatikkolloquium an der TU Graz:

Friday, March 16th, 2018 – 10.15 – HS i3

Mike Davies, Intel Labs (Portland, USA)


Dear Colleagues and Students,

it is a pleasure to invite you to the following talk of Mike Davies from Intel Labs (Portland, USA)



Intel’s Loihi research chip and our vision for neuromorphic computing



At Intel, we see neuromorphic computing as a promising direction to address some fundamental challenges facing computing today.  In this talk I explain our perspective and hopes for this field.  I then describe our Loihi research chip, covering its architecture and novel asynchronous design approach, and I conclude with an overview of our progress to date developing software, algorithms, and applications for it.



Friday, 16th of March 2018 at 10.15



lecture hall HS i3 (LENZING Hörsaal) – Inffeldgasse 25D, ground floor



Background reading:



Mike Davies leads Intel’s neuromorphic computing research as head of its newly formed Neuromorphic Computing Lab.  Mike joined Intel in 2011 via the acquisition of Fulcrum Microsystems, a company Mike helped start in

2000 to commercialize high-performance asynchronous design methodologies pioneered at Caltech.  At Fulcrum, Mike led the development of five generations of industry-leading datacenter switch products.  Since joining Intel Labs in 2014, Mike and his team have developed a series of neuromorphic prototype chips, most recently Loihi.  Mike holds BS and MS degrees from Caltech in computer engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering.